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Penang Hill Hike 15 Jul 2012

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On 14.7.2012, a group of us left PJ for a hike in Penang. Our original plan to hike the longest Penang Trail from Teluk Bahang Forest Reserve to Penang Hill ( was dashed when we discovered that it was closed to contain the spread of rat urine disease or leptospirosis. Hence we decided to join Kelab Anak Hutan to hike up Penang Hill from Jalan Balik Pulau.

Starting from an elevation of 25m asl, from Jalan Balik Pulau, the trail winded through farming lands, orchards and nurseries. The primary forest has been cut for farming and hence there was minimal tree canopy to provide the much needed shade against the scotching morning sun. The trail which was slight tarred, for use by motorcycles to transport farm produce, was quite steep all the way to the Chinese Temple @ 417m asl. After the Chinese Temple, the trail was less steep and much more shaded. The hike from the base to the Penang Hill Station (777m asl) took about 4 hours, including leisure time spent at various pit stops. From the hill station, we took the new cable car to return to the base. That day the hazy weather also marred the panoramic view of Penang City. The statistical data for the hike, including the hike profile, can be seen from the map and graph above.

On our return trip to PJ the following day, we stopped over at Ipoh to taste the wonderful popiah, Ipoh sar how fun and chee chong fun at Restaurant Ipoh Kong Heng. We also purchased pomelo fruits and Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken as well as tasted the famous soya bean curds at Funny Mountain.

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  1. The laksamana trail is not entirely closed. The Teluk Bahang National Forest Reserve park entrance is closed. But, access to the Laksaman trail is still available via Chin farm trail. If you are still interested to return to try this trail, I can show you how to do it. This is the original trail, before the park office was setup. - Peter